LipStik Indie Reviews is accepting Music CD’s, Bands/Artists/Spoken Word Performances/launches, Movie, Books, Comic Books, Graphic Novels, Zine and Ezines for review. We understand how difficult it is to get started as Indie artists so we will only be doing informational reviews and not critical review. We’ve all been in your shoes and know it is much more important for the world to know about you.

There are no deadlines for submitting to LipStik Indie Reviews as we will be posting reviews every other week, however we do require at least two weeks notice prior to performances or launches.

To submit email us @ prior to mailing and when you are mailing us items to review, please include the following information:

  • Name of item to be reviewed
  • Name of the creator/publisher/distributor
  • Retail Price (please note if this includes shipping, taxes etc.)
  • Contact mailing address and email (please note whether you wish to have this information printed with the review)
  • Where to purchase your items
  • Bio(s)

Mail to:

206-20 Shallmar Blvd, Toronto, Ontario, M5N 1J5

We will not review material that does not have contact information. Please keep in mind that LipStik Indie Reviews reserves the right to review or not review something that is sent to us. We may also choose to review items at a future date. We will ensure that we contact you ahead of time to advise you if you are being reviewed.

Specifics for sending items to be reviewed:

Music CD’s– *Please send one copy of the CD(s) or MP3 version of your album that you would like reviewed.

Bands/Artists/Spoken Word Performances– When sending us dates, time and locations for your performances please include us on your guest list or let us know where to pick up tickets.

Movie DVD’s – *Please send one copy of the DVD(s) you would like reviewed.

Books – *Please send one copies of the book you would like reviewed.

Comic Books– *Please send one copies of the book you would like reviewed.

Zines – *Please send one copies of the book you would like reviewed.

Ezines -Please email your URL to lipstikindie@gmail.comand include the above required information in the body of your email.

Online Stores for Indie Designers/DIY – Please email your URL to and include the above required information in the body of your email.  Please also include a bio about yourself/store.

Designers – *Please include 5 photo’s of your work, a few paragraphs describing your work and a bio about yourself.  Please note we are looking for indie designers and DIY designers only. 

*Please note we won’t be able to return items sent to us as we may use them for future reference. We will also either request artwork/cover work for the review or permission to scan in above artwork/cover work


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