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The Shoe’s fits of laughter @ Red Sandcastle Theatre
The Alice in Blunderland Panto Players Co-op is back this holiday season with more family-friendly panto fun at Red Sandcastle Theatre with their production of The Shoemaker and the Pant-O-Mimes!

Poets & songwriters & a holiday love-in
Last night was a double pleasure – for the art and for the company. First up was The Beautiful & The Damned (TB&TD) at Glad Day Bookshop, where a gang of my best pals (Liz, Lizzie, Kat, Janis and Kira) and I gathered to catch the first set before continuing our evening’s cultural festivities.

It’s A Wonderful Life delights onstage
A delightful, magical evening of holiday fun last night at Alexander Showcase Theatre’s (formerly the Alexander Players & Singers) encore production of It’s A Wonderful Life, remounted for a three-day run at the Papermill Theatre after a very successful run last season.

Fond farewell to The Drowning Girls
Alumnae Theatre Company’s production of The Drowning Girls closed on Saturday night to another packed house at the end of an incredible run – and I was lucky to be able to see it one last time before our closing night celebration at Betty’s and the inevitable set strike the following day.


reviewed by Viki Ackland

New hands are five young men from Hamilton, Ontario who are invested in a year long commitment to record an album without concessions. Over this term, they hope to take their songs in multiple directions, expanding on their previously released single, This I’ve Heard. Tulips, produced with Michael Keire (Apostle of Hustle, Wildlife, Dark Mean), is the first song in this new territory. All five met during our high school years with the exception of Gordy and Evan, who long before then had met due to the fact that they are brothers. Early on in high school, Ben, Pat and Spence met through a friend and through their mutual love of music quickly started a band. Within a year, they met Evan. After an initial mix-up had been settled he became the next member of the band. For one reason or another, Evan was misled to believe they were a Christian-rock band. For a while they practiced and played around town, fine-tuning our songwriting skills and our performances. After a year or so of collaboration and many generations of songs they invited Gordy. Finally they finished two songs and decided to have them professionally recorded.

First off I have to say they all look great half naked. Perhaps not a musical noteworthy observation but one that makes me happy.

I stumbled upon ‘Whichever Way You’ll Have It’ first while looking for Tulips, I immediately was taken with the singers strong voice, and the strong rock aspect of the song with its many twists and turns.

Tulips is a lovely song, eclectic and original, a song about love, betrayal, coping and living our lives while trying to find happiness.

“Take me to my first school dance, show me your apartment 
Shake your head and hold my hand, say I’m still important 
Make a name just as we land, all the papers calling 
This idea could have been, but we never focused”

For more information about New Hands follow the links below!


reviewed by Viki Ackland

This St. Catherine’s based band Lambs Become welcomes their new  release, Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose.  When I researched the band more extensively I found the talent behind the band, drawn from Alexisonfire and Journey to Aspen, Lambs Become Lions have been around the music industry’s  so called block, and have embraced the artistic delight that can be found in doing something you love.

The lead song “When I open my eyes” is a love song, full of truth and believability, What surprised me was how I was pulled right into this song, the strength of not only the lead singer bur the thought provoking lyrics. A lovely original ballad. I listened three times.

“Someone Else’s Dream” is a song that speaks to many, the pressures of everyday life, walking a path that we did not foresee, not living up to our potential or being true to ourselves. Heavy stuff.
“Postcards” is a festive tale about escaping from the daily grind into the mysterious life on the road, endless gigs in an tough business.  A bit of kiss my ass humor also, great song all around.

The EP is a mixture of upbeat that is definitely mixed with the feeling that dreams are there for the taking and require fortitude and hard to work to achieve them, something that may be forgotten in a world where people often fall into a rut to survive. It is about doing what you love thereby living the life you dream of.

Looking forward to hearing more. Roar.

To find out more check out their FB  and website for information.