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Reviewed by Carolina Smart

When I close my eyes and listen to certain songs or artists, I find myself being transported to a different place, world, time.  A temporary escape, if only for a few minutes.  My last trip lasted 47 minutes and during my journey I saw images of an old blues bar, Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, The Devics, harmonica blues and a well travelled six string.

Beautiful, emotional, vivid lyrics  are accompanied by strong acoustics that dance in your ears. The songs of Down, Record are like a Sunday morning on a porch, drinking in wishes of the past, present and future. Mark Martyre is a true story teller, whose words flow on poetic river and a well rounded musician who masters the art of captivating an audience.

Anyone who is a fan of Leonard Cohen or Tom Waits will immediately fall in love with this album.  For those of you who aren’t, after listening to Mark Martyre you will have a new found appreciation for these artists.  Mark Martyre’s musical style is uncomplicated, allowing the listener to not only hear the messages in the songs, but the music that accompanies it.  So many top 40 artists have forgotten that aspect of music and Mark Martyre’s music brings it back to us.

For an even greater appreciation for this artist, see Mark live.  He plays regularly around Toronto and to stay up-to-date, join his Facebook page (www.facebook.com/markmartyre).

Toronto-area singer-songwriter, Mark Martyre, is excited to announce the release of his latest album Down, Record.

The artist, who’s lyrics draw comparisons to fellow-Canadian Leonard Cohen, has been hold-up inside Thirteenth Street Sound studios in Toronto, emerging only recently with his all-new 10-track, all original effort. Down, Record marks Martyre’s first studio album as a solo artist, and his most anticipated release thus-far. Down, Record is a follow-up to the six live albums that Mark released in 2011. The album will be available as a CD as well as on iTunes.

Mark Martyre has been a regular on the Toronto music scene for nearly a decade. Mark has become an accomplished songwriter in that time, even garnering praise from industry mainstays like Peter Katz who said that Mark has, “fantastic lyrics. He clearly has a really warm soul and a passion for writing and music.”

Mark is also a poet, and has produced two volumes of poetry entitled Wondering Down the Road (2008) and Drifting Magnetically (2009). “Brilliant songwriter. His songs just stick with you.” (Sandi Marie – singer-songwriter).  Fans should visit www.markmartyre.com for more information.

Track List
Nowhere Else To Go, But Up
All This Time
Another Deja Vu
Lauren Bacall
The Devil On Your Back
Flowers at Your Door
Only the Road
Like the Horizon

Where to find Mark

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