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by Carolina Smart

This feisty and FANtabulous performer would give Madonna a run for her money any day of the week.  Lyrics that are daring, emotional and in many cases downright hilarious, show that this lady is not only talented, but someone to keep your eye on.  So what’s all the hullabaloo about.  Let me tell you.

A 2011 Fringe sensation, Kat Leonard can do it all.  Sing, dance, the splits, act and write one hell of a show.  A Depper Kind Of Love, Kat Leonard’s tribute to the man she adores –Johnny Depp, is a play and CD that is filled with hilarious songs and very dark humour.

With no apologies, she digs deep into the soul of the matter. Kat Leonard’s play took the audience along for a very powerful and passionate ride, as does her CD.  Even if you haven’t seen the play, you will be drawn in and ready to strap on your seat belt for the ride.  Songs such as I’m My Own Asshole and Jockstrap will have you laughing till you cry and Only Human and Not Us will remind you that even the love of another can get us off track from loving ourselves.

A true inspiration on stage, Kat has been seen at the Toronto Fringe Festival, Love & Obsession Festival, No Sweetheart Required Festival, part of Arlene’s Wonder Women series, and Theatre Passe Murraille After Hours.  Check her website often for upcoming dates and while you are there, purchase a copy of A Depper Kind Of Love.

The ever charming and versatile Meghan Morrison is back with her new album, “We are all born naked.” I just love this girl; she is soulful, lovely, talented and unpretentious in life and in her art. Her voice always reminds me of a young Alanis Morissette, with her own distinctive style and presence of course.

The first track “We are all born naked” is a great one, a nice upbeat message. Then right into the second track “The Weather Girl” which is a completely different pace, and very original! I have to say that “Hush” is one of my favorites; I find it to be a strong ballad, showcasing her skills to the utmost, a very powerful song that draws you in.

This talented lass even sings about “Tsunami” in which she equates a storm to a relationship, very well said, getting lost in that undertow of life.

Check out her online Indie Jam every Sunday night, a Community Music Project Based in Toronto, Canada ……grab your instruments and play along at Home!

Check out FB for the latest news ; follow her on Twitter!/megsmorrison ….. or check out her blog!

Good People
The Weather Girl
Long Way
Letting me Down
Shy Lungs
This Song

Goth rock has always been a tricky proposition, as almost by definition, it is a parody of itself or at least it gently and sometimes not so gently skirts over the line into self parody, in spite of itself. In fact, that is one of the biggest dangers that so many Goth rock bands face: how to do doom rock without having your audience indadvertedly laughing at your Peter Murphy sepulchral tones, basso gargoyling and world weary strum and drag lyrics.

From their ancestors Bauhaus (even before Bauhaus it could be argued that Black Sabbath practically invented DOOM OR GLOOM ROCK SO DIRECTLY INVENTED NOT JUST HEAVY METAL BUT INDIRECTLY INVENTED GOTH too?); anyway I am digressing  for a little gruesome history lesson.

All has been inherited whole sale by Canada’s Sex Without Souls in their newest, and in my opinion, best CD All For Nothing as Sex Without Souls invest the genre with all that has gone before, without crossing the line, except where it is a necessary corollary to the death’s head journey  ‘we-are-wearing- black-because-we-are-in-mourning=over-the-world’ kind of kitsch as is found in tracks like,  Is this the End , Woe is Me and even and especially,  Here in the Grave — ALL TRACKS that self consciously CROSS THE LINE; expertly played and delivered by the band and lead singer Brendan Bane who has the necessary dark velveteen vocal gifts and glib tongue and lyrical conceits that reinvigorate the goth form at the same time!

Whereas, tracks like Run From with its nod to Nine Inch Nails techno goth format leaves you nodding out to the catchy cracking the skulls existential riffs– Sex Without Souls version of Ginsbergs — Ballad of the Skeletons without the  disney outside my window squalling and upbeat end that make for the mass cop-out that is contained in most modern music.  The festering sores of the Modern World that so desperately needs the falseness of ‘everything-is-going-to-be-alright-in-the-end’ pop cult psychology that populate the best seller lists from year after year.

I love the hoary old organ church tones of the opening of I’m Drowning. U r at service & the preacher is Brendan Banes and company.(Brendan’s dad is actually a Christian minister). So maybe the irony is intended.

Then the next track, Nothing is Real with its nihilist refrains Ì believe that nothing is real ( cause your dead already) is hilarious and eerie at the same time. Again a lyrical nod to Trent Resnor with the `hole in your head’ adds to the macabre but upbeat comedic soul that is everywhere evident on this track.

All For Nothing is one of the best in this now popular genre of Rock to come along in a long time !!!! Check it out on Facebook Sex without Souls site for a free download and revel a little and see if it changes what you drink!