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January 2012 New Issue!


Lisa Young fills her pages with warmth. There are smells of hyacinth, of mint, of pine that permeate, and surrounding these are phrases filled with truth. Enormous stories finely whittled to stanzas.

Young takes the natural world and holds it alongside the human condition in a way that is both romantic and honest. She travels the reader under hutches, down banisters, plunges them into warm dishwater, once here, she sifts poetic ideas, whispers sadness, remorse, and heated thoughts into ears.

There are some wonderful stranger pieces here as well, Alice and Baby is a tender portrait of madness, “How Do Bowls Sing” has the reader imagining the sound of intellect. “Mix Flour” is an excellent example of the kind of contrast Young brings to her work; her narrator kneads dough while speaking of a horrifying wedding scene. We are up to our elbows if flour when she takes such a turn.

Quattro as found a wonderful new voice in Lisa Young. “When the Earth” is something I’m currently wrapping to put under the tree for someone I love. Even though I have a huge distain for Christmas, I always love to give a good book.

Did you know that the Eighties is Back with a vengeance!!!???

Well just take a gander and a listen to L’Rocks debut CD, Law of Attraction! Actually Laura L’Rock gives you the 80 ‘s NOW!!! That is the sound that reverberates-whereas 80’s rock and hair band metal rock gave you girls girls and fame and fortune and it’s all about us making a lot of bread. L’Rock actually writes almost entirely about other artists other voices and other rooms so to speak. Very few of the songs on her new CD are about her right!!!??? Wrong, they are all about her take on life in the fast lane of 2011 and going. The lady is the lead singer in a Top Forty band called Rock Candy, but is on her own here.

There are at least five major hits on this CD. The top of the pop crop is Ball of Fire ostensibly about a fellow rock and roller but any listener will simply kick back the jams and realize it doesn’t matter who it’ s about it about being a star!!!!!!!!!!!!! A Rock Star and it is the best rock single classic that I have heard in many a year and I am not kidding. Does this sound like a review or a sound Crush—- well lads and lassies it’s both for Christ’ sake!!

Other hit singles are: the first track, Light my Fuse and check out the fantastic vid to this track directed by Western Canadian Doug Cook (L’Rock felt he is the One and He was!! as she flow out to West to get this video in the can by the best of minds but I digress); other winners are 98.5, You’re Bringing me Down, Come ON and Kiss me and the lovely rock ballad, Law of Attraction. On this track L’Rock sounds like a cross between Sheryl Crowe and Melissa Etheridge. In fact her vocalizing runs the emotional gamut from A to Z. Like she says: ‘She’s  alright! She’s alright! She’s a ball of fire!!! This ball of fire is originally from Newfoundland, but has now made her home her in Toronto. Special Kudos goes to the superlative production and Laura L’Rock gives her big thanks to Brian Gagnon. Rock is back! Bye bye Hip hop Rap and DJ’s in clubs. Live rock is here again!!

In recent months I’ve read through many poetry collections.  My own personal poetry is set within dark humour, sexual misadventure and horror and am drawn to similar styles of writing. Though brilliantly written, much of what I’ve read of late, hasn’t filled my hunger for the darkness that I feel goes hand in hand with the type of poetry I appreciate. Amphetamine Heart, filled that void.

Liz Worth’s dark, deliberate collection is filled with sexual tension, sensual heat, and an edge of punk rock soul.  This prolific collection brings back memories of one night stands, miscalculated sexual encounters and that uncomfortable moment of waking up and not remembering how you got home.

Two poems that jumped off the page at me where Boozecan, though set on a summers night, reminds me of being 20 and walking home in the bitter cold, at 5 am from the local booze can. A warm buzz of cheap beer and tequila, and an unknown boy staggering behind and the poem M, leading to vivid memories of an obsessive love gone terribly astray.  Although not what the poem itself if about, it triggered many memories.

Part of Guenica’s First Poet’s collection, Amphetamine Heart and Liz Worth should be in every poetry lovers collection and one of the best of 2011.  Liz Worth, should be on everyone’s bookshelf.